Your New Puppy

  • You will receive a  hand out called "Your New Puppy."  In this handout will be instructions on when and how much to feed your puppy,  and how to change puppy foods, (if you chose to),  so your puppy doesn't get diarrhea.   Right now I use Purina Puppy Chow -"Tender and Crunchy."  You can find it in the grocery store. You Vet may recommend a food that is grain free.  I also will tell you how often and how much 
  • to feel your puppy.

  • There is information to get through those first few nights when the puppy is  separated from it's Mom and siblings. (You will also receive a home made blanket with the scent of Mom and siblings on it.)

  •  I cover tips of general puppy training and potty training.   
  • You will get information on how to crate train the PROPER way.  NEVER should a crate be used as punishment. 

  • Along with the handout is a list of things that can harm your pet.  You will need to "puppy proof" your house.   Puppies need constant supervision as they love to explore and can get in to many things that can harm them or even kill them.

  • If you want more information you can get tips on training online or through books.  I suggest you buy books from a half price book store as books at Pet Stores and Book store are VERY expensive.  There are many different techniques and opinions on training and its best to look through a few to see which one fits your style the best.