Boomer is a Maltese.  He is the sire for all the Maltichons


Sebastian is available for stud service.

He is a purebred Bichon Frise


Scottie is a West Highland Terrier.

He is available for stud service.


Spike is also a purebred Maltese and is available for Stud service.

5lb Maltese/Yorkie Stud

If you are looking for a cute little white dog as a stud that is around 5lbs, you can contact Willie (a female)


  She is not located in Texas but can make arrangements to bring her stud to you.. This is NOT a purebred.  A Maltese and Yorkie mix is called a Morkie.

This is NOT a personal referral from me.   I am just helping her get some exposure for her little stud.  I am not involved in any arrangements made between you and her.