Welcome to Kathy's Little Pups


 Every child should have TWO things, a dog and a parent who let's them have one. 

 "A dog is the only thing that will love you more than you love yourself"

             - Josh Billings

 "There is NO better psychiatrist in the world than a puppy licking your face"

            - Woodrow Wilson

  "Buying a dog maybe the only opportunity that a human being has to choose  a relative"         

       - Mordecai Siegn

  To the world you are just a pet owner.   
  To a  pet you are the world.

  Until one has loved an animal part of his soul remains unawakened.

   - unkown

  Medicine heals the body, 

  Dogs heal the soul




Thank  you  for your interest in my puppies.  I have been breeding for over 27 yrs now. I am NOT a puppy mill.   Please go to all the pages of my site by clicking on "more" up at the top of this page.  Sometimes I breed Morkies and in 2020 I will also be breeding Maltipoos.

 All my dogs are my personal pets.  They do not live in crates.  They live in my house with me.  They have over 3 acres to run and play when they are outside. 

  I got interested in breeding Designer Dogs by accident.  Yes, it was a real accident when my little Maltese  got my Bichon pregnant.  That is when I found out just how many people liked hybred dogs known as "Designer Dogs."  

I no longer breed purebreds.  I do not breed any dogs under 8lbs.  Maltichons range from 8-14lbs

 I believe individuals should have the right to pick the kind of dog they want.  I know some people wrestle with "should I adopt a dog from the shelter" or get the breed I really want. Rest assure, that since I know there are many dogs in shelters that need a home, a portion of my sales will be donated to "Animal Rescue" organizations.  

 It is my goal to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted puppies, so they can grow in loving, healthy adult dogs.   

I am a big animal lover and enjoy breeding.  I am a responsible breeder as I tell anyone who buys a puppy from me, that if there situation changes and they can't take care of the dog, and can't find it a home, they can return it to me and I will keep it until I find it a home.  It says in my contact NOT to drop any of my puppies/dogs at a shelter.  As long as I have a home, my puppies have a home.  If any of you are feeling "torn" if you should get the kind of dog you want or rescue a dog from the shelter, I want you to know  that I think everyone should have the dog of their choice.

Some people like to rescue a dog and yet other find it very hard to find the type of dog they are looking for in a shelter. (Such as Designer Dogs and Hypoallergenic dogs). while  some people just want to raise a puppy, not an older dog, (where they don't know its history).  I breed these Designer Dogs so you can have the type of dog you want.  You will know its history and that it was brought into the world with love.  BUT like I mentioned earlier,  we don't want to forget about all the dogs out there still looking for a home, so I  take a percentage of what you pay for your puppy and donate it to to The Humane Society, ASPCA, and other Rescue organizations. 


  I am a two time Cancer survivor and although I had family and friends who were loving and supporting me during the tough times, my animals gave me so much comfort in a totally different way.  They instinctively know when we need their comfort and are always there to provide it.  It has been  proven that people who are ill, recover faster when they have animals in their life. I know my animals  were a big part of my recovery, physically and emotionally. 

I love being a breeder.  It gives me great joy to raise these puppies  with love, and see the joy people have when they come to take them home