If you are going to be taking your puppy in the car, I suggest you get a small or medium size crate, depending you what size puppy your are getting.  If you want to crate train you dog, you will want to get a bigger crate, one with  a bar that fits in the middle.  You can change the size of the crate as the puppy grows.  This saves you money by getting a smaller crate and then having to buy another as the puppy grows.  If you put a puppy in a crate that is too large, they will eliminate in it. 


Whether you plan to crate train or not, please read the hand out on "CRATE TRAINING"  (included in the hand out you will receive when you purchase a puppy from me) as it has a lot of good information in it.

REMEMBER - your puppy has NO control over it's bladder or bowel movements, so it if it goes in the house....that's on you.   You are not taking the puppy out often enough.   After sleeping, eating, playing, they should go out.  I suggest every couple of hours to play it safe.


 When the puppy is going to poop, it will look for a place and then circle when they get ready to poop.  Grab them up and get them outside as soon as you see the "looking for a place" behavior.   If it's raining, and your puppy will not go outside, you can keep some newspaper available and you puppy will go on that.  (put a pee pee paper under it for absorption).  My puppies are "paper" trained.  The paper needs to be close to them, they are not going to go into another room looking for paper to go on.


Another thing to check for.   Since puppies have short legs, they are very close to the ground.  So when they poop, sometimes it get in their hair.  It can get matted and prevent the puppy from having a bowel movement.  It is not fun to clean, so do yourself a favor, keep the hair short and check it every day.  Male dogs need to keep the hair on their penis short.  Also, keep the stomach hair very short (shaved) so that pee pee doesn't get into that hair.  

The three most important things to remember when doing any type of training of your puppy:

1.   Consistency

2.   Patience

3.   Immediate reward (a little puppy treat or praise by you).

Most of all ENJOY your puppy.  Make training fun for both of you.  The more effort you put in to it at the beginning, will benefit you in the end.