• Here are just a few of the e-mails I have received from people who purchased puppies from me. 

  • Kim from Texas
  •   Hi Kathy!  Just wanted to give you an update on our little Angel.  At all most 5 months old, she is pretty much potty trained now and has such personality!  She is a ball of energy, has mastered quite a few commands already (sit, lie down, turn around, shake hands, come and stay) and loves to explore, and will almost always listen to the "no biting" command but not before speaking her mind first, lol.
  •   She has brought us nothing buy joy!  Well...a few sleepless nights as we tried to crate train her but she sleeps through the night now :)   We love to cuddle with her and take her wherever we can.  She enjoys looking out the car window and "driving" with her Mommy.  We are so glad she came into our lives at a most devastating time after the lost of our almost 14 years old baby girl,(RIP our sweet Emmy).  She will be in our hearts always but we are making new happy memories with this sweet little Angel we already love so much.
  •   Thank you. thank you, thank you!!  You are amazing and raises these little ones with so much love to give them the best send off to their forever home AND it doesn't end there...you genuinely care for their well being ever after they leave you and are always so quick to respond to any questions.  We are so grateful for "Grandma"   

  • )ne and her husband from Fla.
  • I wanted to write you a testimonial about our sweet, funny, charming & at times very cutely surprising, forever puppy: Olaf. His personality surpasses the Disney Characters' any day, & everyday.  Our puppy is so intelligent, Jeff & I love it. We have found ourselves having to outsmart him when and if he is being mischievous haha. Well it's been interesting, because as first time owners of our own puppy.
  • It's been hilarious, nevertheless. Training has become easier now. Our Olaf is always eager to learn his new tricks. He knows more tricks then I have ever been able to teach my parents' dogs. Ok, so I have to tell you. He knows to not pull me down the stairs when we take him out for walks. 
  • He knows: to stop right before the stairs. He knows: "ready?" (He focuses on the stairs at "Ready?" Command - not kidding) he knows "set" and he runs down with "go". He knows how to sit, give me his paw, lay down.. & our favorite that we taught him because comes naturally to him: "Beg/Pray". He gets up on his hind legs and sticks his paws out almost as if to pray and moves his paws up and down very quickly.., it's hilarious especially because he does it for everything he wants. It's so funny, that when strangers see him to this they instantly crack up.   He's just full of beautiful and perfectly positive energy.   

  • Rita and Don drove from Pensacola,Florida for their Maltichon "Augie"
  • Hi Kathy,  Augie is an incredible puppy!! He went all day in the car from San Antonio to Pensacola yesterday without a whimper.. He is so very well socialized, he enjoyed the company of our San Antonio friends and their dogs.  Get this, he is doing all his business outside, nothing in the house, crate, etc.  Even on the road trip, only in the grass!  What is he, some sort of Maltichon prodigy??!!  He follows us everywhere, comes to his name immediately, and comes when called outside in the yard (we are always with him).
  • We are working on the separation anxiety when he is in the crate at night, in our bedroom.  He'll be fine, as he only whines for about 5 minutes, then quiets for a few hours.  That is amazing too.
  • He is everything and more that we wanted, an adorable addition to our family.  Thanks so much!!!
  •       (2nd e-mail)
  • Kathy, you did a fantastic job with this puppy. The second night in his new home, he spent the entire night (10pm-4:30am) in his crate in our bedroom without a whimper.  I woke him up at 4:30 to go do his business outside, which he did. Incredible!  He is a little sweetheart and is a wonderful little boy!

  • Joseph and Laura from Texas
  • Joseph and I are so grateful that we found you because we are "so" happy with our bundle of joy. THANK YOU!
  • We are very content with baby Hercules.  He is so loveable and he gets attention everywhere. We are in LOVE!! 
  • Sherri flew in from Ohio to pick up her Maltichon

  • Kathy, Hi, I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how Tucker is doing.  I got  him a year ago (I live in Ohio).  Tucker is such a good boy, happy, and healthy.  Tucker loves to play with the dog next door.  He love playing with balls, he smiles all the time, and is the most kissy dog I have ever met.   Tucker is also a dare devil, he learned to climb a flight of steps 10 minutes after bringing him home.  We all love him so much.  I can't thank you enough
  • Sherri

  • Cindy Flew in from Az to get a Maltichon to use as a Therapy Dog
  • Hi KATHY,
  • I wanted to send an email telling you how grateful I am that I have Halo!  She is a little spitfire! Gentle with the right amount pep! I couldn't have asked for anything more! She is adventurous and not afraid of things my 80 lb. golden is afraid of! She gets along wonderfully with the children at work and has stolen many a teachers' hearts! My office has become the "puppy therapy office!"  Sometimes they come in for that unconditional, genuine hug that only a puppy can give! She is almost housebroken and comes when I call her off leash!  I am looking forward to many years with her and the students I work with. She has even sat still in the laps of two different boys in wheelchairs!
  • I could go on and on! Most of all I am lucky to have found a breeder that cares about their puppies as much as you.
  • Thank you,
  • Cindy & Halo

  • Nancy purchased a Maltichon
  • I wanted to updat you on the wonderful puppy I got from you last July!  She was born on May 27, 2013
    She is active, curious and so much fun and love!
    She goes to doggy day care frequently and holds her own!  She is head strong, but minds well. 
    She is training to be a therapy dog for healthcare facilities!
    She weights 8 lbs.  and loves to swim!  But hates a bath!
    Thank you
    Nancy Meidinger and Zoey

  • Kelly purchased a Maltichon
  • Hi, Kathy,I just wanted to send a note to thank you for bringing Oscar into our lives.  He is a sweet, happy little guy, and to say that we are enjoying getting to know him is an understatement.  I love him so much!  I took him to the vet on Wednesday, and the vet said that he seemed calm and happy--not anxious at all after his move to his new home--so that was good to hear.  He also had his first bath and trim at the groomer's so that he will get used to that right away, and he looks especially cute.  We are crate training him rather than using papers, and he's doing remarkably well.  I think he already understands that when we go outside, we're there so he can go potty.  He doesn't let me know yet when he has to go out, but that will come with time...probably within the next month or so.  It's been over 3 days since he pottied inside--I take him out frequently. (I've done this before, so I can pretty much anticipate when he needs to go out.)   Oscar is a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks again for everything!  KellyFrom Iowa    

  •  JAN puchased a Westie/Bichon
  • When I first saw a picture of a Weechon, I instantly knew I wanted to get one of those incredibly cute dogs.   I did some research on the mixed breed, which helped me confirm I would further pursue getting a Weechon.  My next challenge was to find a breeder.    It took some extensive internet searching and eventually I found Kathy’s Little Pups.   I asked Kathy to add me to her list for a Weechon.     A week after the pups were born she contacted me about purchasing a puppy; from that point on it was so exciting.   Kathy kept me informed nearly every week with updates, pictures and videos of the puppies.   I live in Pennsylvania so I flew to Dallas to get my puppy, Rosa.   Kathy was extremely accommodating even after my first flight was canceled due to a snow storm in PA.   She met me at the airport plus gave me great instructions on how to fly with a puppy and subsequent care for Rosa.   Her service and attention to the puppies is amazing.   Rosa adjusted to our family without any issues.   She was well socialized and ready for the next step of house training.    Rosa is very smart and always happy.   She is the exact Weechon I wanted.   Thank you Kathy! 

  • Dave and Kathy Foster, purchased a Westie/Bichon When we had to put our little Highland Maltie to sleep the beginning of November, we were devastated.  In the days after, we walked around in a daze. When I happened upon your website a few days later, we realized we needed another little one to fill the hole in our lives.  We wanted to get another puppy sometime in the spring so that we could train him/her properly since we live in the snow belt of NY.  When you told us you had a little boy available from a litter of Weechons that had not been claimed, all I could think of was a little boy would not have a home for Xmas.  It took all of 5 minutes for us to want him. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all the emails, pictures and videos you sent us prior to picking up our little Bailey!  Even though a weekend trip turned into a 5 day adventure due to the ice storm in Fort Worth, he was worth every minute!  He is everything you said he would be and more.  He was an angel on the plane and our vet was surprised how calm he was during his visit.  He is exactly what we needed!  Thank-you for all the care and loving you gave him.  He is a loving and smart puppy whom we can't wait to take camping!!Dave and Kathy FosterRochester, NY

    From Amber & Ryan Kerbow who bought a WeeChon(Bichon/Westie)
    Hi, Kathy,I just wanted to give you an update on Riley who was born in December 2012. Attached is a more recent picture of him. He is a really great dog and we don't know what we would do without him. He is such a cute, loving and playful dog. We took him to dog training classes a few months ago and he learned very quickly! He knows so many tricks! Also, all of his vet appointments have been wonderful and the vet always comments on his great muscle tone. We love him so much and just want to thank you for such a wonderful dog! We hope you are doing well! --
    Amber & Ryan Kerbow    

  • From Tina who bought a Morkie I have always wanted a dog, but not having grown up with one I was a little overwhelmed by the process. Once I bought a house with a decent sized backyard, I felt like I had run out of excuses. I didn't know what breeds to look at. A housemate of mine had a Maltese. He had some discipline issues, but was a cute and kind puppy. Another friend has a Yorkie who is the most energetic dog I have ever seen. As I researched... I was not sure how the breeds mixed, but after reading on Kathy's site and meeting a girl and her puppy that she got from Kathy at the dog park, I decided to go all in.
    I wish I had done it sooner!! Kathy was so great about letting me come see the puppies when they were young. When it came time to pick my little guy out... I almost got two! They were just SO adorable. Kathy (and my mom) helped talk me into just taking one. My pocketbook is grateful.
    We were in training a week after he came home. The trainer commented on how cute and smart he was. My vet has commented time and time again on how healthy he is. Everyone who meets my little Zadok falls in love! Sometimes he'll come to work with me. He has to go tell everyone hello, then he'll just come in my office, sit at my feet and chew a bone.
    I cannot remember my life before him. I highly recommend Kathy's Little Pups to those I meet at the dog park or pet stores.
    Training is a big part, but when you have such a wonderful puppy to begin with... It makes it all so much easier.
    Tina & Zadok (Morkie)
  • From Kevin and Lisa who purchased a Highland MaltieHi Kathy, I have been meaning to write and let you know how Murphy is doing.He is doing great ... We love him so much.The ride home was perfect. He did not cry. He just wanted to sleep and play..He seems to be enjoying his new life up north. We would like to thank you for our new puppy.  I will send you some pictures as he gets older. I cant believe how much energy he has..  Thanks again.  

  •  Kevin and Lisa  From the Hartin Family who purchased a WeeChon While growing up, our family had a WeeChon for our family pet. We loved her so much that we had our minds made up that when the time was right, my husband and I would get a WeeChon of our own. When the time came, we began our WeeChon search on the internet. Initially, we found a breeder in Wisconsin, but there were complications with the litter and things didn't go as planned. We then started our search all over (little did we know how difficult it was to find WeeChon puppies for sale) and that is when we came across Kathy's website.
  • I honestly never thought I'd travel from Wisconsin to Texas to pick up a puppy, but when we found out that the puppies were born on our wedding day, we knew it was meant to be! :) From the day the puppies were born, until the day we flew down to Texas to pick up our puppy, Kathy went above and beyond the expectations of a breeder. She answered our numerous questions, kept us up to date on the puppies' progress by sending us many puppy pictures and puppy videos...Kathy also dealt very well with an anxious soon to be puppy mom. ;)When it came time to pick up our puppy, she was healthy and had already had her first vet visit. She was also already a well socialized, fun loving, spunky little puppy who was already starting to know her own name. We were very impressed with how much time Kathy spent on making sure our puppy was ready to come home to her new Wisconsin family.
  • We can't thank Kathy enough for all she did for our cute little family addition, Elsie. :)
  • Thank You Kathy! We will continue to keep you updated on little miss Elsie's new home here in Wisconsin.The Hartin Family  From Karen who purchased a  Morkie (Yorkie/Maltese) Hello Kathy, Sophia who will be six months of age on May 28, 2012. Kathy, she is such a beautiful, loving, and happy little girl with so much potential. She is very inquisitive and has an eagerness to learn all there is to know. What an amazing little girl! Wait until you see how beautiful she has become. She is losing much of the black hair and turning into a Champagne color. Her back and tail continues to be black but I can see the Champagne color beginning to come through. Just can't say enough how wonderfully precious she is.She knows her name well, shakes hands, sits on command, waits when you ask her to wait. She is very popular with my vet up in Denison and is becoming quite the celebrity at the Pet Spa too.God bless you for loving and taking care of so many. I have spoken of you to my vet and the kind folks at the Pet Spa and will continue to recommend your puppies to everyone who asks. I was very impressed when I visited you at your home. Your love and dedication shines bright.Love and appreciation,Karen   

  • From the Michele who purchased a Morkie 
  • Dear Kathy,
  • I apologize for taking so long for me to write to you. I just wanted to let you know that the little black Morkie that we adopted from you last month is doing great!! We named him Gus. He is just a joy!
  • We are all having fun with a new puppy in the house. His temperament is perfect for our family and he is even being accepted by the cats (sometimes J). We took Gus to our vet and they say he is
  • extremely healthy and looks great. I don’t have a really good picture to send or I would have. He is so black that he is hard to photograph.
  • Please know that we love him very much!
  • Michele M Dorsey 

  • Fron Ellen who purchased a Maltichon.
  • Subj: Divo, (Bichon/Maltese mix)
  • "Divo was an unexpected surprise for me in the spring of 2002. For my 25th birthday I got this sweet little white bundle of joy, and fell in love with him from the start! He has always had such a very sweet, loving spirit, and couldn't be more of a cuddle bug. He can be a little shy at times, but once he knows you, you've truly got a new best friend for life. He absolutely loves his brother Manny, and follows him wherever he goes.... to the couch for an afternoon nap, to check out the neighbor's new porch decorations when we're out on a walk, or to do their best search for where mom has hiddentheir treat stash. The last eight years of my life really wouldn't have been the same without this little guy along for the ride. His purely sweet spirit and loving demeanor have comforted me on sad days, and made me laugh when I really needed it. He has had a clean bill of health for the last eight years, and is a strong little guy. I love you little man!"Ellen   

  • From Laura who bought a Bichon Frise We bought our beloved Bichon Frise from Kathy 3 years ago in June. I had researched the breed and had already been searching for the perfect dog for our family.I did not find what I was looking for until we met Kathy, and when I was greeted at the door by her friendly dogs. I knew I was in the right place. All of her dogs are loving,gentle, and so friendly. You can tell she invests a lot of time and energy in them and they are cared for well and cherished.We picked out a small female bichon and she is such a joy to us. We cannot imagine life without her! She is so beautiful, with a coat very soft and curly.We get so many compliments on what a gorgeous dog she is. But to us, the most important thing is how loyal, sweet, and gentle-natured she is.I never had to worry about Penny's health. Her shot records were kept meticulously by Kathy and we have never had even one issue that was health-related.At her first vet puppy visit, she was tested for parasites (which are very common in puppies) and she tested negative. I was not surprised as she had been raised in a clean environment with good medical care while in Kathy's home.Another thing I want to mention is that Penny is so intelligent. People are amazed at how smart she is, and how many things she knows how to do. I can teach her something new in just one day! She can "speak," roll over, sit, shake, beg, leave food until you give her a signal to take it, play "possum," and stay, among others!She is so intelligent and we are constantly amazed at how quickly she learns new things.I would not hesitate to recommend Kathy to anyone who wants a puppy that has been raised in a loving home with careful attention to breeding.All of her dogs are inside dogs and are pets. It is difficult to find a breeder who puts this kind of time and energy into breeding quality animals.Laura P.

  • From Mary who purchased a Morkie
  • Dear Kathy What a bundle of fluff and joy my new puppy is! He's a Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie mix) from Kathy's Designer Dogs. He's smart, healthy, lively, and so much fun! He was already paper trained and sleeping in a crate when I brought him home. With diligence, he's learning to "go" outside (I take him out about every three hours, or when I get home from work. If we're successful, he gets a treat of some lean chicken or beef (little bites), and I open the house to him for about 30 minutes to an hour.) He's learned to sit, fetch, and lay down already. He's only 3 months old. What a cutie!! Such a happy little fellow.Thank you, Kathy, for providing these adorable doggies to bring home and love!!Mary  Scott and Megan purchased a  Highland Maltie (Westie/Maltese mix) Dear Kathy,We wanted to wait a little bit before we emailed you the puppies name and how he was doing. When we first got him, his name was Tigger (from winnie the pooh) but quickly changed to Tiger. He is a very smart dog like you thought and is learning things very fast! Tiger is adventurous, very playful and has a mind of his own. When he will sleep, Tiger prefers the top of the couch and when he rides in the car, he loves to be on your shoulders to watch the road. He has gotten good at jumping down his baby gate and opening doors when they are cracked. He does chew like